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Why do over 31k+ people live in Mableton?

31,000+ people call Mableton Home

Find out why over 31,000+ people call Mableton home

 Mableton Georgia is the last best kept secret when looking for a new home with a great location and affordable pricing. And before you skeptics check this area off your list, know that Mableton has quite a few gems in its schools. But I will cover that a bit later on. But it will surprise you to know just how remarkable the schools really are.

What is Mableton?

Mableton is a town, not a city. So you only pay county taxes in about 95% of the 30126 zip code. Mableton was discovered by Robert Mable, long, long ago and was actually Cobb County first city. Not long after, Mableton was given back to the county where it has stayed since then, thank goodness. (Who wants to pay those crazy city taxes?)

What Mableton is today!

Mableton used to be known as Smyrna and Vinings’s little cousin – a red headed step child of sorts because of it former life as a major truck route dotted with art frame shops, used car lots, and ticky-tacky mom-n-pop stores with only a Kmart as its major retail store.  Some would have called it a low grade compost pile with trimmings and leftovers from East Cobb and West Cobb. But as with any compost pile in your garden, Mableton has sprung up with a string of healthy great shoots that the affluent have seem to notice early on and bought in early to watch their investments grow over the past 8 years.  Now Mableton is dotted with million dollar homes, lined with popular retail stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, Publix, Kroger and tons of restaurants like Red Lobsters, Chili’s, Bay Breeze and many others around its edges.

Where is Mableton?

Mableton is saddled by Marietta, Austell, Atlanta, Smyrna and Vinings hitched by the Chattahoochee River, connected to I-285, I-20 by major arteries, and well traveled by local residents going to and fro to the many amenities that Mableton offers. Mableton is 9.5 miles from downtown Atlanta and you can get to the Delta ticket counter at Hartsfield within 20 minutes or Buckhead in 30 minutes.

But what about the schools?

Now as promised, a bit about the schools; Mableton has some of the finest schools in Cobb County. Pebblebrook high school is an Arts Magnet School and is where the Cobb County Center of Excellence for the Performing Arts is located. Many students have graduated and gone onto Julliard. Mableton Elementary is a Title I and School of Excellence in Georgia. The International Academy of Mableton is only one of two Charter Schools in South Cobb. The school offers a private school education at a public school price. Whitefield Academy is Mableton top rated private school. It offers top notch education programs and is nationally ranked among the top private schools.

Who lives in Mableton?

Mableton has its share of famous people who have invested in or call Mableton home. From former Governor Roy Barnes to athletes Mario West, Greg Tolar, Alexander Courtney, Hines Ward to super producer Jazzy Pha, and entertainers like Ne-Yo, Q from the R&B group 112, and many local celebrities from newscasters to high powered attorneys, political activists, famous authors and Senior VP’s of Fortune 500 companies, Mableton has charmed them, it will charm you as well.

What kind of homes do average people buy in Mableton?

The average home that sells in Mableton is a 2 story 4 bedroom 2.5 bath brick front home built after 1995 for $217,000. Over 400 people moved to Mableton in 2009 and at the beginning of 2010 it looks that number will be beat. Most people moved to Mableton because of the location, access to freeways, the low property taxes, proximity of the best schools in South Cobb.

What about the commute from Mableton?

The Mableton area allows for some of the best traffic commute times because the area is not as congested as other parts of the Atlanta area. Mableton is a neighbor of Six Flags that technically is Austell but offers quick access for the kiddies to have fun during the summer. Mableton is within a 10 minute drive to 2 golf courses, 2 hospitals, a major mall, 2 regulation soccer fields, 2 movie theatres, has its own Amphitheatre for national acts and nationally recognized historical sites and homes.

Want to find out more about Mableton?

Learn more about Mableton at  www.Mableton.comand to see why Mableton should be your only choice when considering a move. Call me when you are ready

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